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About Us

Health ~ Joy ~ Love

Founded in 2018, Fruit' alive aims to be the one-stop provider of high-quality fruits to homes, parties and events. Now, everyone and anyone can enjoy fresh fruits delivered straight to their home. 

We are a fruit company that loves the taste of nature cause we believe we are what we eat and we resonate health through putting good food in our body, due to the fast development in our current lifestyles we are becoming more efficient in every area, these developments has benefit us is many ways, we are sufficiently clothed and no one is to suffer from starvation. 

As these technology has helped us not only to increased productivity in all areas, it has even accelerated the quantity and help preserved fruits shelve life. Though these developments we are most bless to enjoy fruits from all over the world at our convenience.  To enabled these developments some approved unconventional ways/chemicals and method are being used and this compromises the quality and the natural taste of fruits. We believe that Fruits is natural gift from Mother Nature to all of us being. We are passionate to bring back the taste of nature we once enjoyed and would love to share it with everyone.

Fruit alive imports daily many fruits and vegetables and deliver to your home

  • Seasonal fruit
  • Tropical fruit
  • Naturally ripe and organic fruit
  • Vegetables

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